Travelling exhibition

Aquari The travelling exhibition of the LIFE BASSES project has been produced as an educational tool for the public about the importance of Natura 2000 Network for biodiversity conservation and about the ecological importance of Minorca's temporary ponds and the need to conserve them.

The exhibition comprises eight informational panels, audio-visual material, an aquarium with living organisms recreating a pond's environment and didactic resources for schoolchildren.

During 2008 and 2009 it has been exhibited in six municipalities of the island, and around three thousand people have visited it. More details about the route and registered visitors at each municipality are showed at the table attached.

At this moment the exhibition remains at the Insular Council’s dependencies and it’s available to any group or entity willing to use it. If you wish to request the exhibition please contact us to the telephone number 971.356251, through this website or writing to:

Some materials of the exhibition are ready to download in pdf in this section.

The video ''Annual cycle of a temporary pond'' is available at the following link: