Conservation actions

Restauracio parets torrellafuda Direct conservation and restoration actions have been carried out from 2007 to 2009 by a taskforce subcontracted by the Consell Insular de Menorca, which worked under the supervision of the taskforce leader and the LIFE Basses Project technical team. With these actions some deteriorated ponds or ponds that have been virtually destroyed have been recovered. In every case we had the cooperation of owners and farmers of the properties, and in some cases this cooperation has been formalized through agreements with the property.

The main actions developed within the project's framework are:

Restoration of deteriorated dry stone walls, with the in-tention to recover the important role of such walls in the mainte-nance and protection of ponds and cattle management. Walls have been restored at the temporary ponds of Torrellafuda, Corniola, Biniatrum, Es Clot des Guix, Bassa Plana, Es Mal Lloc and Es Cap Negre.

Control of traffic accesses, through the marking of tracks, placing of panels and restoration of walls, with the aim to prevent vehicles or people from leaving the marked tracks. These works have been carried out at the temporary ponds of Cós des Síndic, bassa Plana, Son Gornés and Es Cap Negre.

Control of shrub growth, through manual clearing of vege-tation and latter control of growing vegetation, so as to recover the original flooding surface and to avoid an excess of sediments and organic matter in the ponds. These works have been carried out at the temporary ponds of Marina de Corniola, bassa d’Algaiarens, Torrellafuda, Es Mal Lloc, Algendar Nou, Binissaid, Son Gornés, Biniatrum, Es Molinet, Clot des Guix, Penyes d’Egipte and Es Cap Negre.

Removal and control of invading exotic species. This action has been developed after several studies and pilot tests to find the best method in each case. Eradication of Arundo donax at Es Clot des Guix has been the most significant work in this way. More eradication works have been carried out at Es Mal Lloc and Torrellafuda, aiming for the elimination of Paspalum paspalodes.

Elimination of drainage. This work has allowed to recover the floodable area of Son Gornés, by filling a drainage canal that was affecting this pond.