LIFE Nature

LIFE Natura The specific objective of LIFE-Nature is to contribute to maintaining and/or restoring natural habitats and species of fauna and flora. More specifically, LIFE-Nature aims to contribute to the implementation of Community nature protection legislation: the 'Birds Directive' (79/409/EEC) and the 'Habitats Directive' (92/43/EEC), and in particular the establishment of the 'Natura 2000' network of protected areas for the in situ management and conservation of Europe's most remarkable fauna and flora species and habitats.

LIFE-Nature contributes to such initiatives by providing economic assistance, granted always in the form of project co-financing up to a maximum of 50% of the costs in the case of nature conservation projects and up to 100% in the case of complementary measures. By way of exception, for projects concerning priority natural habitats or priority species, the Commission can finance up to 75% of the eligible costs.

The projects considered eligible for financing are nature conservation projects that contribute to maintaining or restoring natural habitats and/or species populations to a favourable conservation status within the meaning of Directive 92/43/EEC. Basically, projects submitted to LIFE within EU Member States? territories should set themselves the goal of conserving:

Natural areas proposed by Member States as Sites of Community Importance (SCIs) according to the 'Habitats Directive'.

Natural sites selected by Member States as Special Protection Areas (SPAs) according to the 'Birds Directive'.

Natural species of fauna and flora in accordance with the 'Habitats Directive' (Annex II or IV) and/or the 'Birds Directive' (Annex I).