What is it?

Plans de gestio : Qu s? One of the objectives of BASSES LIFE project is to develop a long-term management model for temporary ponds of Minorca. From the beginning of the project this goal was implemented by the development of management plans for temporary ponds. This action has resulted in developing a management plan for the network of temporary ponds in Menorca. This network is considered a set of interrelated elements which houses a unique biodiversity.

A management plan is the instrument that defines the objectives, action plan and assessment of results necessary to maintain or restore a favorable conservation status of a natural area, a habitat or a species.

The temporary ponds management plan is the means of studying and planning for temporary ponds on the island. Before such a management plan can be drawn up for a site, it is necessary first to carry out an in-depth study of its natural characteristics and the flora and fauna that inhabit it, for if not we will not know what we wish to conserve. Not only that, but we also need to study the interactions that take place between the different elements in the habitat. It is important, too, to ascertain the human use that is made and has been made of the site, the impact and threats it suffers, and the measures required to make optimal use of it possible, thereby guaranteeing its conservation.

At the least, a management plan should develop the following contents:

a) Description and interpretation of physical and biological characteristics in the site.
b) Delimitation of the area subject to management.
c) Determine the state of conservation of natural resources, the interactions that take place and the human uses, and make an appraisal of their present state and expected future evolution.
d) Define the management objectives
d) Define general and specific restrictions on the uses that can be made in order to ensure conservation.
e) Actions plan
g) Monitoring and assesment plan